Preparing your home for a graduation party

While the year may have completely flown by, the time is finally here: your child is graduating. In recognition of this monumental milestone, you'll need to provide your new graduate with a party that not only acknowledges all their hard work, but also shows them a good time before they take the next step in their lives. But as all parties go, proper preparation is essential prior to the festivities. Here are a few tips to consider when tidying up the house for a graduation party:

You can't have too many garbage cans
Most parties require immense amounts of cleaning up afterwards, but graduation parties tend to draw massive amounts of guests. From your child's friends and teachers to family members you haven't seen in years, the list can go on and on. Do yourself a favor and buy plenty of extra garbage cans and trash bags so you'll save yourself from added stress after the party has ended. Paper plates and cups are also essential so that your dishwasher doesn't receive an extensive workout the morning after.

Keep it outside
A good rule of thumb for graduation parties? The more people you have outside of your home, the better. Keeping guests in the backyard, garage or driveway will not only eliminate a lot of potential indoor messiness, but can also help you avoid any unforeseen accidents, such as a knocked over lamp in the living room or dropped entrees in the kitchen.

Go for storage
While you can try to keep everyone outdoors, sometimes it's inevitable that the party eventually winds up inside. Free up some much-needed room by renting out a storage unit prior to the graduation party. This way, you can store all your valuables in a safe and secure area completely out of harm's way, while also providing your party with adequate space to celebrate this joyous occasion.


What should be done 4 to 6 weeks before moving day

If you have ever relocated before, then you might already know that your itinerary list can grow quickly as moving day inches closer and closer on the calendar. At 4 to 6 weeks out, there are several things that need to be accomplished so that you can minimize stress and extra work further down the road.

Begin de-cluttering: Many people will either start putting less-used items in their storage units or have a yard sale to begin the process of de-cluttering their home at this time. You can also start eating canned or frozen foods in your fridge and pantry so that you won't have to waste or transport them on moving day.

Change of address notifications: This is also the time when you will need to notify friends, family and the post office about your upcoming new address. While you're at it, this is also a great time to notify your utility companies, insurance agencies and doctors about the change as well.

Start packing non-seasonal items: Christmas decorations, out-of-season clothing, items in your basement and attic and other things you don't immediately need can start to be put in boxes or containers at this time.


‘Storage Wars’ season 5 finale wraps up

Spoiler alert: It appears that A&E really wanted to close out season 5 of "Storage Wars" with a huge twist – especially when it comes to the size of storage units. The episode, titled "Zen Masters of the Universe," featured the biggest locker of the series with $75,000 worth of merchandise, mostly related to pop culture, according to the Latin Times. Darrell Sheets, one of the characters on the show, bid one-third of the storage unit and ultimately scored the most out of the deal, according to the Stabley Times.

Brandi and Jarrod, a couple who recently had their very own special on A&E that aired on April 22, ended up closing out season 5 with nothing. Rene and Casey scored a decent amount of earnings at $3,800.

Is 'Storage Wars' here to stay?
In the boom or bust world of reality television, it's difficult to say how long the shelf life of these shows will hang on, but it appears that "Storage Wars" has staying power for A&E as it is one of the network's biggest successes and draws in a large fan base. While it may seem like it would be difficult to create original television content with storage units as your premise, the producers keep coming up with unique twists to make the show more appealing to viewers. This means that there may be many more seasons to come for this hit series.

Drama abounds
While the show has definitely seen some excellent ratings in the past, "Storage Wars" has experienced some controversy, some of which occurred this season – including allegations that the show is staged. It remains to be seen if the rumors about Brandi and Jarrod getting their own spin-off series are true, but it is likely that Americans will continue to tune into this hit show next season to see what happens next in the wild world of storage auctions.


Why your supplies matter for self storage

Many people opt for the do-it-yourself route when it comes to moving and hauling their goods into a storage unit. Residents can save hundreds of dollars and have more control over their moving budgets this way. However, even if you aren't seeking professional assistance, it is important that you are using the proper supplies to ensure that your goods are protected in a safe and secure manner.

Bubble wrap: There's a chance that you will be loading some breakable things during your relocation, so it's a wise investment to pick up some bubble wrap. Fragile items and kitchen utensils usually require the need for bubble wrap, including mirrors, fine china and crystal, dishes and certain collectibles.

Box cutter: If you haven't picked up one of these handy gadgets, be sure to do so soon, as they are great for breaking down boxes not just during a move but whenever you receive a package in the mail.

Packing tape: Tape is one of the most underrated items for moving and hauling boxes into your storage unit. After all, this is what holds everything together and keeps things safe from environmental factors.

Packing paper: Yes, plain old paper is an essential part of your move as well. This is what fills up the empty spaces in your boxes so that items won't budge, shift or break while in transit. Packing paper is especially handy for books and plates.

Boxes: The days of stuffing things in trash bags and throwing them into the back of your car might have worked in college, but as an adult, it is important that you invest in sturdy boxes to protect your belongings. Plastic bags can seal up certain items and cause mildew to grow – not exactly what you want in your self storage unit. Boxes also stack well, which means that the unpacking process can go much more smoothly.


A&E airs new ‘Storage Wars’ special

A&E's popular reality series "Storage Wars" recently aired a special featuring two of the shows biggest stars, Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schultz, a married couple that struggles to balance their family life along with their passion for storage unit auctions.

According to Broadway World, the show is titled "Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job," and focuses on the ups and downs of marriage, including planning birthday parties and helping their son find a math tutor. However, it's likely that this special will also feature all of the drama that keeps viewers coming back for more, including the treasures that are often found in the storage facilities that are sold at auction.

"Storage Wars" has seen its fair share of drama off-screen in recent years ever since its debut in 2010. For instance, there was a lawsuit presented in 2012 claiming that the show was rigged, according to the Associated Press. 

Despite the storylines both on- and off-screen, the success that the show has brought to A&E speaks for itself. Viewership is usually quite consistent for the program, and the show even broke the network's rating record during the season 2 premiere in 2011, according to the Los Angeles Times.