Big find on this week’s episode of Storage Wars: Texas

The main draw of storage auctions is the hope of finding a hidden treasure in an abandoned storage unit. This excitement is the reason A&E's Storage Wars, its spinoff Storage Wars: Texas and copycat shows Auction Hunters and Storage Hunters have all been so successful.

In the most recent episode of Storage Wars: Texas, Bubba Smith and his Uncle Ricky won a storage unit for a cool $525, The Huffington Post reports. After the auction closes, A&E shows the winners picking through their winnings to see if they can turn a profit or at least break even. From what they could initially tell, there was enough items of value that they'd at least make a $25 profit. There were also two rings that looked promising, but the uncle-nephew team decided to bring them to an appraiser before getting their hopes up.

The jewelry expert told the duo that one ring was valued around $30,000 and the other would probably bring in about $19,000.

"In 38 years of doing this, I've never found that much money in jewelry," Ricky said after learning the rings' worth on the show.

The likelihood of finding such valuable items at a storage auction is not that great, but you never know what someone could leave behind.