Charity Begins at Home…and at Your Storage Unit

Some of the folks from our home office recently attended a Self Storage Association conference in Las Vegas, and who should they happen to meet but Barry ‘The Collector’ Weiss of A&E’s “Storage Wars.”  Barry, as it turns out, is as interesting and engaging a guy in real life as he is on the show.  Everyone got a chance to shake hands and pose for pictures.  The experience left us as even bigger fans of the show and Barry than we were before, but it also reminded us to talk about an exciting new program called Charity Storage.

Charity Storage is basically a program by which the proceeds from certain auctioned off storage units are donated to charity.  A storage facility sets aside a unit or two specifically for charity and then acts as a collection point for anyone wanting to donate items for auction.  Ordinarily this is stuff customers at the facility already have in their own units that they just don’t have use for, but people can also come in off the street with donated items.

These charity units are then auctioned off just like any other storage unit, but instead of keeping the proceeds from the sale of these units, the storage facility donates it via Charity Storage.  Ten percent goes to the Self Storage Association Foundation (the charitable arm of the SSA), 30 percent goes to Kure It Cancer Research and the remaining 60 percent goes to a non-profit organization of the storage facility’s choosing.

With 126 stores across the United States and Canada, we have stayed pretty busy identifying wonderful non-profit groups from a variety of fields in each of the markets StorageMart calls home.

This is a relatively new program for us, but once we really get up and going expect to hear quite a bit more about it, the great charities we’ve partnered with and all the wonderful work being done by the folks who operate Charity Storage.