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99% Off your 1st month of Lincoln self storage. Formerly Advance Self Storage, StorageMart is proud to serve Lincoln. Ask about our local Charity Storage program.

Formerly Strong Box Self Storage, StorageMart offers clean storage units with pricing options for any budget. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means you can have peace of mind in renting at StorageMart.

Shop for Storage from Home

StorageMart, formerly Advance Self Storage, has come to the Cornhusker State, and we will change the way you shop for self storage in Nebraska. You can still shop for storage the old fashioned way, by visiting our Lincoln storage facility and speaking with a friendly and knowledgeable member of our staff, and you can still get the same great service and information on rates and availability when you call us on the phone, but now we’ve made shopping for self storage in Nebraska even easier.

Our desktop and mobile websites enable customers to access up to the minute information on self storage rates and availability, and even allow customers to book their storage unit when they “Rent Online.” Booking your storage unit ahead of time not only guarantees you’ll have the type and size of storage unit you need, on the day you need and at a rate you can count on, but you’ll also save the time of filling out paperwork. Once you’ve booked your storage unit online, the facility manager will prepare your paperwork ahead of time. So when you stop by the office, all you’ll have to do is sign on the dotted line and you’ll be on your way. Allowing customers to shop for, and even rent, storage online at a time most convenient to them is just one way StorageMart strives to make life, work and play better organized and just a bit easier for our self storage clients.

Self Storage for College Students

Students at the University of Nebraska seem to always be on the go, whether it’s moving out of the dorms into their first ever apartment, moving across the country or across the world to study abroad or work an internship or just moving back home with mom and dad during the summer and winter breaks. This kind of transient lifestyle can be exciting, but it often leaves students wondering what to do with their stuff.

Don’t feel like you have to sell or give away your possessions. StorageMart offers monthly leasing options to help fit a less structured lifestyle. Combine a month-to-month lease with our wide variety of types and sizes of storage units and the frequent availability of move-in specials and you’ll ensure you never pay for more storage than you need for any longer than you need it when you rent with StorageMart.

If you know you’ll need a storage unit, be sure to plan ahead. In college towns, available storage space can become scare during summer and winter breaks. Use our desktop or mobile website to reserve your storage unit ahead of time and you won’t be left scrambling when it comes time to store your stuff. It’s also worth noting the ability to reserve or rent storage space online would make it possible for mom or dad to pick up the bill, no matter where in the world they are.

Moving to Nebraska

Studies have shown moving can be one of the most stressful events an individual or family can go through. We won’t promise we can make your move easy, but we can tell it can be made easier when you rent self storage in Nebraska.

Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by stacks of boxes, wrapped furnishings/decorations or the hundreds of little things each of us has in our home but we only use infrequently. During the packing process, have a plan. Clearly mark those boxes, bags and furniture you’ll need in your new home right away. Load those items into your moving truck first, putting them in the back. The last things to go on the truck should be these season clothing, sports/recreation gear and other stuff you’ll need at some point, but not right now. Instead of putting those things right into your new home, put them in your new storage unit instead. Then you can begin the unpacking process by focusing on those items you’ll need immediately. Once you’ve done that you can begin moving in the rest of your belongings at a pace that fits your schedule and your sanity. This will allow your new house to start feeling like home right away, rather than starting off as one big, seeming insurmountable, project.

Other tips to help make your move easier:
  • Have a plan and schedule and stick to it. Packing up your worldly possessions and moving them isn’t something you want to do by the seat of your pants.
  • Enlist help. A Do-It-Yourself move is made much easier when you aren’t literally doing it yourself.
  • Set up everything ahead of time. Reserve your moving truck and storage unit so you know you’ll have them on moving day. Arrange for the utilities in your new home to be turned on when you arrive.
  • Use high quality moving/packing supplies. There’s no point in moving something if it’s going to get broken along the way. StorageMart offers a wide line of sturdy packing/moving boxes and other supplies intended to keep your possession safe and secure until it’s time to unpack them.
  • Don’t waste time moving things you don’t need or want any longer. Donate them to charity, give them away to friends or sell them in a garage sale, on Craiglist, etc., but whatever you do, do not waste the time and energy to pack and move something you don’t ever intend to use again.
  • Keep all your receipts. Are you moving because of a job? Your expenses are likely tax deductible.
  • Give yourself time. This gets back to having a plan and sticking to it. Moving is stressful enough on its own, don’t compound those stresses by adding in a feeling of being behind schedule. Always assume everything will take longer than you think it will, and ultimately you should be able to pack and move at a pace that is comfortable and most conducive to preserving your sanity.

Climate-Controlled Storage Helps Protect Against the Elements

The state of Nebraska features two fairly distinct climates. The eastern half humid continental climate while the west is semi arid. Despite those differences, the state as a whole sees wide variance in temperatures and precipitation throughout the fall from season to season with hot summers and cold winters. Nebraska also sits right in the middle of Tornado Alley, making thunderstorms frequent during the spring and summer months, with violent thunderstorms and tornados possible.

When living in an area with this kind of extreme fluctuation in climate, a standard storage unit isn’t always good enough for items more prone to being damaged by the elements. When storing those types of items, climate-controlled storage is a must. If you’re storing more delicate items like electronics, art, antiques, photographs, documents or wooden furniture, extremely dry or moist air can cause irreparable harm. By maintaining a constant, moderate level of temperature throughout the unit, climate-controlled storage helps stabilize your storage unit’s atmosphere, keeping your more delicate possessions better safeguarded against changes in the weather. Availability of climate-controlled storage can be limited, so book your unit now if you’re planning on storing items in need of climate control.

Taking Care of Business with Nebraska Storage

Agriculture makes up a significant portion of Nebraska’s economy, but freight, telecommunications, manufacturing, insurance and information technology are key sectors of the state’s economic system. Renewable energy is also a quickly developing segment of the Nebraska economy, with wind and solar energy collection increasing exponentially over the last few years.

StorageMart has long been a friend to business owners and office managers seeking to enhance productivity and efficiency and maximize profitability. Our store managers will often grant our commercial clients extended access hours to work more conveniently with the busy schedule of an entrepreneur.

How can self storage help businesses? Office managers can improve work flow by moving surplus furnishings and equipment out of the office and into a storage unit. Archived records will no longer take up valuable office space once they’re moved in a climate-controlled storage unit. Freeing up space within the office will not only increase productivity, but it can even allow for a successful office to expand or bring on additional personnel without renting even one more square foot of additional floor space.

Retail business owners can take advantage of better merchandising opportunities when they use Nebraska self storage. With four distinct seasons, every home is filled with seasonal outdoor gear which can only be used, and therefore is only purchased, several months each year. Store owners renting self storage can move all off-season inventory off the sales floor and out of the store completely, leaving valuable space on the sales floor open to only those items which are in demand at any given time. Particularly adept business owners will go even a step further by using their storage unit to purchase their inventory either in greater quantity or during the offseason for a lower price point. This surplus inventory will sit safely in storage until it’s needed on the sales floor, where it can then be sold at a higher profit margin.

Secure Nebraska Storage

At StorageMart we go out of our way to become a part of those communities we call home. We want to create a comfortable, friendly and safe atmosphere for each of our storage clients. That’s why we strive to provide the highest level of security at each of our self storage facilities.

The first thing you’ll notice at our properties is perimeter fencing around all outdoor storage facilities. These secure areas can only be accessed via PIN-controlled gates. Each of our customers is assigned their own personal access number and is strongly encouraged not to share that number with anyone.

Our facilities are well lit, providing a greater sense of security to our clients no matter what time of the day or night they may be accessing their storage unit. Each of our properties is also completely covered by video surveillance.

Total Satisfaction Guarantee

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